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Buying a Home – Mortgage Payment Calculator

We champion and celebrate home ownership at Phoenix Mortgage. We know that for many, buying a home is incredibly exciting but intimidating. A number of prospective home owners, due to debt, credit, or income, feel as though home ownership is unbearable, but often times, there is still hope. We have seen it happen time and time again.

Individuals have come to us uncertain and leave excited with the effectual expertise of Phoenix Mortgage specialists. A new homeowner can greatly benefit from the logistic help of a mortgage company. We understand the weight of responsibility that comes with buying a home or taking on a mortgage of any kind. This understanding motivates us to do what we do best. We would love to help you find the best path through this process. As you continue reading, be sure to use our Mortgage Payment Calculator. This is useful in predicting monthly mortgage payments given your respective situation.

At Phoenix Mortgage we have the privilege of helping individuals buy the homes of their dreams, and we celebrate their accomplishment and success. Home ownership in America is much easier to achieve than it was 50+ years ago. Just because home ownership has risen, does not mean home equity has risen or mortgage management has improved. Buying a home consists of a series of decisions that ought to be made carefully, knowledgeably, and skillfully. The effects of debt, credit, income, family size, marital status are all examples of things that should be considered in the decision-making process. With that said, this is attainable with professional the professional help and resolve of Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc.

Here are some of the things our clients say:

"I would like to thank Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc. for the outstanding job they did in helping me with a home loan. Their efforts were outstanding and they were there to answer all questions. My wife and I now have a new home because of their help." - Mark G.

"When all other lenders told me that I could not buy a home, Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc. told me I could. Thank you Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc. for making my dreams of homeownership a reality."- Tavaris R.

Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc. is proud to serve all our clients across Georgia and East Alabama with premier mortgage services specially tailored to their respective preferences and needs. It is our greatest pleasure to be a consistent source of professional guidance and expertise for every prospective homeowner and every individual preparing to walk through this milestone in his or her life. For any further inquiries beyond what is covered on this page, contact us today. We would love to be of service to you in any way possible, and we would love to help answer any of your mortgage-related questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc.


"Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc. employs methods that uphold a level of professionalism, courtesy and customer service second to none! Kay Moore,
DR Horton Real Estate Agent
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